Monday, August 10, 2009

You Roll the Dice...

It's Monday, one of the three days of the week Brandon and Sophia stay with me so Dawn can work with her interior design clients. I was concerned that Brandon would be bored today (and drive me nutz reminding me of the fact) since Christian who, with his sister, Kelsi, visits his grandmother next door to me, was not going to be here all week. I had the clever idea (self-preservation at its best) to suggest he bring a friend. My only trepidation was that they would have a disagreement and the need to referee could make this the longest day of my summer.

Thankfully those fears did not materialize. The boys entertained themselves by alternating activities -- either riding their skateboards until they could no longer ignore the 90-degree heat or returning inside where they built skateboards and did whatever else "dudes" do with their Teck Deck collections.

Sophia and Kelsi, 6 and 5, still have their ups and downs. Although they generally play well together, there are times when they tire of each other. Today, though, they both had uncounted "tattoos" to stick on their bodies. For two hours they cut them out, peeled off the plastic covering, laid them on places they could reach, covered them with a damp towel, removed the now-damp paper backing and finally, admired the newest addition. There's no use asking for cooperation when the camera comes out. The snapshot of Sophia sporting a tattoo on her cheek proves it.

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