Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy, Good for Nothing

I spent yesterday thinking about getting dressed so I could do something constructive. At least get outdoors. Didn't work. I stayed in pj's, knowing that if I got dressed, it would lead to the walking track, where I should be, but didn't want to go.

So I spent a couple hours playing with the day's blog entry, and researched how I could make the classic template more personal. That effort made my brain tired. I changed directions and tried to read a new book. After getting to page 22, the story line being laid out in great detail, I felt as though I was wading through waist-deep water. Reading it was work and I wanted entertainment. It will go back to the library. A few years ago that book would have been read, boring or not. Back then I didn't start something without finishing it. One day I realized that I could start and finish a lot of self-appointed tasks, but I might miss out on doing something else that really interested me. So, no more. Don't like what I'm reading or don't like what I'm doing, I've given myself permission to stop and move on.

I've had a long weekend. Because of the luncheon on Friday, Brandon and Sophia weren't here. I didn't have to work (I volunteer, but it's still work!) yesterday. Today, I was determined to get out of bed and do something constructive. At 8:00 I was out the door to log a mile walking the perimeter of the neighborhood. It's time to raise the goal to two miles, but this is Sunday. Maybe tomorrow. Don't give me a hard time.

Back home I jockeyed for position to take a shower. When the cat (also named Kitty) hears water running, she regards it as her summons to drink from the water flowing down the drain. It's necessary to physically pick her up, turn around and back into the shower, setting her on the floor outside the stall door before it closes. When I finished and turned off the water, she was prone on the bathmat, forcing me to step over her. With the speed of cold molasses, she rolled to her feet and walked into the shower, looking back at me expectantly.

Dressed again, I changed the bed linen. While the cottons were in the dryer, I went outdoors to fertiize plants, perhaps for the last time this summer. Again, hearing the water, Kitty followed me along the sidewalk, waiting for her opportunity to drink. So when I finished, I hung the hose over the fence and watched with amusement while she drank her fill.

The only thing wrong with getting up at 7:00 is that when I finished the assigned tasks, the clock read 10:15. I still have a full day ahead, but now there's an interesting book on the table to entertain me. And there are pillow cases to iron if I feel like getting up to do busy work.

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