Friday, August 21, 2009


On Monday it was three days and counting. Three days in Grandma's care until the schools are back in session.

I walked my mile at the track early, before the temperature succeeded in its march to make this another 90° day. Then it was over to pick up Brandon and Sophia.

Sophia can play by herself. But she's just discovered the cash register in the toy box and likes to "sell" items using the register's scanner. I got to be the customer: first, as her grandmother; then, a teacher; eventually someone else's mom. Each time I bought a bag full of books and puzzles which I then returned so that they could be put on display for the next "customer" to purchase.

Although Christian and Kelsi's mom is on vacation this week, Christian wanted to come to Grandma Sherry's to play with Brandon. The boys played quietly all morning with the Tech Decks. When they got bored, they asked if they could go out for lunch. Grandma Sherry told them to ask Grandpa Terry to take them. Evidently it wasn't a problem because minutes later their car zipped out the driveway. That meant I needed to take Sophia out for lunch. Three days and counting.

At two days and counting, Dawn took the day off so that she and I could do something special with Brandon and Sophia. I suggested another visit to the zoo, a drive down the interstate to a wild animal conservation preserve or perhaps a train ride. None of these ideas appealed to them. Believe it or not, they wanted to go shopping!

They needed school shoes and we visited numerous stores to find each the perfect pair. I gave Brandon and Sophia some cash with which to buy themselves something. I love watching their minds work -- how much can they buy or what must they return to the shelf in order to have some other item. Sophia visited Build A Bear and it took her an eternity to pick her animal, a snow leopard she named Sparkles. Brandon was quicker. He headed to Game Stop, a store that sells new and used video games. In five minutes he'd made his selection and we were headed out into the mall again. Four hours of shopping was time well spent, because they both had a good time.

Friday. Down to one day and counting. Brandon, Sophia and I spent some time straightening up the garage where miscellaneous toys cluttered the floor. Some were boxed up to carry to Goodwill and those beyond repair/usefulness were put in the trash. The girls' kitchen, beauty center, and washing machine will be recycled soon since the girls have lost interest in playing with them. The garage will be all mine again.

The countdown has been completed. Over the weekend bedtimes will be earlier as Brandon and Sophia prepare for Monday morning. When they arrive here after school that afternoon, the countdown to the next holiday will have begun.

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