Friday, August 7, 2009

I should have said "No thank you"

I should have said "No thank you" when asked.

This is Hall of Fame Week in Canton, Ohio. It's a BIG THING to football fans -- a week devoted to the celebration of inducting player standouts - six this year - of the game. The week's highlights include multiple hot air balloon liftoffs, drum corps competition, TWO parades, ribs burnoff, enshrinees dinner, a concert and fireworks, and finally, the Hall of Fame game.

And a fashion show luncheon. My 80+ year old hospital lunch companion has held tickets to the luncheon for years. (Because of HoF activities' popularity, it's said "ownership" of event tickets passes down through families when ticket holders pass away.) I'm not into style trends, nor do the crowds of the week excite me, except in a negative way. But I failed to say "No thank you," so on Friday I was there.

How many ticket holders were there? The Saturday morning newspaper said three thousand attended the luncheon and style show. Cost per ticket, between $50 and $65. (I have to remember to send my hostess a thank you note when this post is finished.)

Goodie bags still rule, but the contents are less exciting than they once were. Now, many coupons, but only a few samples. The food -- chicken crepes, rice pilaf, vegetable medley and thick-as-fudge chocolate truffle torte. Great fare!

The style show featured several ensembles worn by models with figures rarely seen on women over the age of forty. Also strutting their stuff were three pre-teen girls, one with a bright-light personality that captured the audience. Three males participated: a late teen, a young adult and tall, gray-haired grandpa who is a regular on the HoF runway. The young men will probably never go near a modeling venue again; Pasquale loved the audience and they loved him.

Musical interludes were performed by contemporary artists I've never heard of -- vocalist Jennifer Johns and electric vioinist Cathy Morris. Although I didn't recognize the selections they performed, I found their presentations professional and enjoyable. That saying, "You can't please everyone" came to mind through the event: younger women were going to enjoy the afternoon much more than the grandmothers also sitting at the table.

In reflection, as I knew it would be, it was an interesting half-day. Do I want to go again? No, once every thirty years (the other time I attended, as a guest) is sufficient. But it is Hall of Fame Week, and this was my opportunity to participate.

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