Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Time for a Change -- I Think

Since 2002 I've had a web page. It's been a rewarding challenge to write copy, select photographs and lay out pages on which I related the previous months' activities of Brandon and Sophia, reported on trips I took, or wrote the occasional essay about an event that made an impression on me.

While Brandon and Sophia were little, there were lots of pictures and many stories to share. But now they're older and don't require the on-going oversight of toddlers. Oh, there were times when I should have watched more closely, but overall, I'm just here to kiss the occasional stubbed toe or call the ambulance if one would break a leg skateboarding. And they flit from one activity to another too quickly to snap pictures.

So a blog it will be. Probably not frequent, but hopefully more regular than the uploads to the web page have been.

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