Sunday, October 2, 2011


We haven't had an occasion to meet as family, just us, in over 30 years.  Now as we're getting older, there's time available, or we three siblings are finally making time, to get together.  It was  going to be just a short visit, an afternoon, so with the exception of my daughter and her family and Jeff's daughter, none of our other children or grandchildren were there.  

Jeff and Jason entertained us with stories they recalled of our years growing up in South Bend. For example, mounted at the peak of our suburban garage was an old farm bell.  Mom would ring it when she needed one, or all, of us to come home:  1 dong for me, 2 for Jason, 3 for Jeff and 4 (or more!) for all of us.  

One day when they were between 11 and 13, Jason and Jeff were at a neighbor's playing football in the back yard with the boys who lived there.  Also present was another neighbor -- "Max", who was considerably older, in high school, and a bully.
Mom rang the bell for Jason and Jeff to come home, but Max wouldn't let them leave.  Either Jason or Jeff saw Mom, who was wearing a dress or skirt, come to the fence that separated the yards and then turn around and go back into the house.  

She came to the fence again in a few minutes, this time wearing pants and a T-shirt.  Instead of opening the gate, she vaulted over the fence and approached the boys. Looking at Jason and Jeff, she asked, "Didn't you hear the bell?  When you hear the bell, you come home."  

One answered, "Well, yes, but....," looking at Max.  

Max stepped forward and said with authority,  "We're playing football and they can't leave."  

Mom spun and *decked* Max and said, "Don't you dare get up or I'll put you down again!"  (It's doubtful Mom would have gotten away with that these days!)  

To which Max, flat on his back, replied politely, "Okay, Mrs. Currey."  

They entertained us throughout the afternoon with stories of the dumb/silly/stupid stuff they did -- shooting BB guns at each other while in the basement and throwing darts without being able to see the target, for example.

Brandon trying to land the helicopter on a beam
Jeff also brought out an infra-red toy helicopter that Brandon and Bob took turns trying to land on the open beams in the living room.  Once those attempts were successful, they moved on to landing the helicopter on the blades of the fan above us. Ah, boys and their toys.....

The time was too short.  But that only means that we will try hard to meet again, sooner rather than later.  

Evie and Jason

Jeff and his daughter, Brittany

Head chef Jeff and Mimi


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