Saturday, October 22, 2011


Football season is about to end.   Both Brandon and Sophia participated, Brandon as a player, Sophia as a cheerleader.  Fall weather is a mixed bag.  The temperature on the field during Brandon's first game early in September when the following photos were taken was 124F.  Two weeks ago, after Brandon's team was out of the playoffs but Sophia's was still in, it was windy and raining and the temperature was in the low 50's.  Absolutely miserable both times.  I couldn't shed enough clothes for the first game and couldn't put on enough for the second!

 Brandon isn't as tall as he appears standing next to Sophia, although he's taller than I am now (probably 5'2" or so).  But Sophia is that tiny, the shortest of the eight girls she cheered with, although no longer the shortest girl in her third grade class.


Football season for Brandon's team technically was over several weeks ago. Although they played six games, the Titans were in last place from start to finish.  They just couldn't score, therefore, didn't win a game.  Brandon, quarterback on offense and end on defense, is #42.


A team consists of about 15 players and each plays both offensive and defensive positions.  Players at this level (11 and 12 year olds) are drafted.  Picked to play as quarterback because of his passing ability, Brandon felt responsible when they lost.  He put his heart into every play and his frustration at losing brought him to tears early in the season.  Eventually he realized that there were eleven boys on the field and each had a specific responsibility.  Once he accepted that, he was able to play "looser" and enjoy the game.  He didn't like losing any better, but he was happy to be playing a game he loves.

Then there's L'il Miss Sophia who was a cheerleader.  Her gymnastics training proved worthwhile.  She can tumble.  And she can move with rhythm.  So she had a grand time, and she expected us to watch *her* and not the boys she was cheering for.  On occasion, each of the eight girls on her squad seemed to be moving to her own drummer.  One in particular rarely moved in sync with the others.  She was 1/2 beat behind (or ahead).  If right arms were to go up, it was her left.  If the squad  moved left, she went right.  But they're only 8 and 9, so we just enjoyed the entertainment.   

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