Saturday, February 6, 2010


February 6, 2010.  A storm moved south to north, west to east.  We had plenty of warning.  I walked yesterday and even though the weather was approaching from the south, the wind was from the east.  A cold wind.

In the late afternoon, flurries started.  Steady.  By dark the ground was covered.  I woke during the night and could hear no road noise.  Not good.  Not even a snow plow.  Worse.

My cellphone beeped a little after 7:00 AM.  A text message.  Dawn had sent a picture of the bird bath outside their front door.  As an e-list friend said when I posted the picture there, "That's not snow; that's a giant mushroom."

These are two more pictures she posted on her Facebook page:

The sun was shining by midmorning.  And cars on the road were  passing at close to the speed limit, so the plows must have gone by.  But our complex streets and driveways remained impassable until late afternoon.  We were snowed in today, but tomorrow will be almost normal -- but parking lots will be clogged with piles of snow.  

And now there's word another storm will arrive Tuesday.  Be sure to check back.

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