Friday, January 22, 2010

Simon, the Hunter

On my desk sitting beside the computer are a number of mementos sent by friends.  Slap up against the desk is the kitten's "tree".

Shortly after the kittens mastered climbing the tree, I would find some of those items lying on the floor beside the desk.  The first thing to get Lilli's attention was fluorescent pink feathered flamingo pen that sat in the pencil cup.  Lilli set about defeathering it.  That task has now been accomplished.  I've purchased more feathers and will be attaching them soon so her play can continue.  Now, though, those items that were once merely on the floor beside the desk are being moved into other rooms.

The other day I heard the cats playing on the floor.  I'd assumed Simon and Lilli were wrestling.  I was wrong.  When I looked, I saw that it was just Simon.  He had taken the little koala bear gift, and Simon was either loving it or killing it. Sometimes it's hard to tell, but Simon had successfully removed the koala's hat.

On a visit to see an e-list friend, she gave each of her guests a small pink elephant meant to hang on the lip of a beverage glass.  Mine usually is hanging from the flamingo pot hanger I received from the same person who gave me the flamingo pen.  The hanger/elephant pair also sit on my desk.  Now I frequently find the pot hanger on the floor beside the desk.  The elephant will be found as far from the desk as Simon carries it.  Earlier this morning, only seconds after I put the elephant and flamingo back on the desk, the elephant was back on the living room floor.

If you have a cat, have you discovered the joy they get in playing with the plastic ring to which plastic jug caps are attached?  If not, pry one off and toss it in the cat's direction.  Simon and Lilli entertain themselves and me  as they bat them around or carry them from place to place.  Eventually I'll have to pull the stove out and remove the accumulating collection.

All is quiet right now.  Evidently they're both taking naps, so I can gather these toys they borrow from me and put them back where they can find them.

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