Sunday, January 3, 2010

At Last!

The holidays are officially finished.  As the crystal ball was falling in Times Square, so were the local temperatures.  As I write this on Sunday, the 3rd, the thermometer reads 6 with the wind chill a negative 14.  I will be going nowhere today!

New Year's Day I took the  family's picture  for next year's calendar.  I'm sharing it with you now, but don't tell Dawn or Matt.  (I want it to be a surprise along with the other selections that are added for each month.)  With all the football games televised on New Years, the traditional meal is casual.  Those who have seats in front of the TV fill their plates during commercials.  Matt and the kids abhor the smell of sauerkraut and those bites the kids must take are immediatlely followed by grimaces and a napkin to the mouth.  The other dishes -- pork, black-eyed peas, cornbread, mashed potatoes and our special greens substitute, molded pear salad, receive marks from more thumbs down to high praise.

Rather than battle the kittens to keep them from knocking holiday knick knacks off table tops, I restrained myself and put up only the tree and a couple Christmas night lights.  All those were packed away quickly on Monday.  Now the storage bins are sitting in the garage, and as soon as the temperature gets above freezing again, everything will be returned to the garage attic.

Saturday hours at the hospital gift shop have been changed.  With Christmas (and the associated  merchandise) behind us, sales will decline significantly and the need to be open for extended hours on weekends is no longer necessary.  My hours were noon to 4:00.  Now they're 2:00 to 5:00.  It's great to have my mornings free, but those three hours seemed sooooooooooo long yesterday!  It's all a matter of mental adjustment.  Give me time.  I'll get there!

So now we move into 2010.  Tomorrow the kids will be back in school, but I'm already getting back to my routine.  I'm looking forward to walking the track every other day.  But not until it's unnecessary to dress like the Michelin Man!  

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