Sunday, September 6, 2009

September Song

The past few weeks have been the type that we in the area live for: sunny, low humidity, and temperatures in the mid 70's during the day and mid 50's overnight. I actually looked forward to sunrise and getting in the car to drive over to the walking track to make a circuit. In fact, one day, I did two laps. It's unusual to have weather as consistently pretty as September has been, and I don't hear anyone complaining!

As fall approaches, it's the season for craft festivals. Dawn, Sophia and I attended a new arts event at the nearby park a few Saturdays ago. Lots of paintings and graphic art. And lots of hand-crafted jewelry. And entertainment. I admire the organizers for attempting this first-time event, especially when there are so many other already-established venues. If there is a second annual Arts in the Park, I hope the organizers allow the exhibitors more space. Or more room for the visitors to examine the artists' work. One person stopping to admire work or make a purchase stopped others' progress through the tented segments. Several times we passed an exhibit because there was no way to see the work unless we stood in line. No thank you.

The grandparent of fall craft fairs in the area started last weekend. This is the thirty-seventh year of the Yankee Peddler Festival, a celebration of Ohio history, food, crafts, and art that runs three consecutive weekends in September. The smell of wood smoke permeates the grounds since electricity and other modern-day conveniences may not be used during the event. Exhibitors are required to dress in period costumes. Tents are commonly seen since many exhibitors camp on the grounds during the festival.

This year a new area called Yankee Peddler Today has been set aside where craftsmen (and women) may dress in current styles. The Festival is a popular destination of tour buses from nearby areas. Dawn and I have noted in the past few annual visits that each year there are fewer exhibitors than the year before. Still, there's a lot to see regardless of whether a visitor is keen to purchase hand-crafted goods. Dawn and I are interested in stopping by the food booths where a variety of foods such as meats cooked over wood fires, fresh lemonade, batter-fried veggies, apple fritters, and funnel cake tempt us. We don't leave hungry!

We've had a beautiful September and can now look forward to a colorful autumn as October approaches. I'd like to put off winter's arrival as long as possible.

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