Friday, February 25, 2011

When Will It Stop?

A winter weather warning was posted yesterday for our area.  Rain changing to freezing rain changing to snow.  We can expect 4 - 6" today and a similar amount through tomorrow.  So up to 12".  I say, "Enough already!"

The weather in so many areas has been really crazy this winter.  No need to tell you who have to cope with it.  It's right outside your windows.  Through the night I heard something tick-ticking against the window. I just pulled the covers higher and buried my nose in the blankets. But I had to get up eventually.

It was quiet outdoors. That's because anything horizontal is covered in fresh snow.  I don't think there's more than an inch or two yet, but the wind is blowing, so the snow is drifting.  In a couple hours there will be enough that when I lift the garage door, the pile against it will fall into the garage and I'll need to sweep/shovel it out in order to close the door.  And the wind will blow it back in.

But for the break a week ago when the temperature reached 40 and all the once white stuff melted, snow has covered the ground since December, before Christmas.  On Monday, fortunately a legal holiday and therefore, no schools were in session, we had 6" of storm-delivered snow. Today, again, schools are closed because of weather.  And this is the year the State legislature cut "snow days" from five to three.  It's possible the kids could have gotten to school, but also to be considered is getting them home.  At the rate we're going, students will be making up missed days into mid June.

I wake up mornings like this,  thankful that I don't have to go out, don't have to go to work. That benefit of being retired is worth being old enough to qualify!  Meanwhile, my thoughts are with people who fight the commute. Be careful out there!

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