Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring's on the Horizon

It's been several weeks since Park Place has been updated. There's only so much that can be said about winter, and I said it all -- and provided pictures!  That February record snowfall just about did us all in.  By early March we just wanted it to be over.

Neighbor Sherry lamented the fact that the area schools don't share the same week for spring break.  Sophia and Brandon were out this week; her grandchildren are out next week.  It's doubtful they'll be here at the same time until summer break.  Four unhappy kids and at least one disgruntled grandmother!

On Monday Brandon, Sophia and I headed out early.  First stop:  A desperately needed haircut for Brandon.  I'd repeatedly offered to put in barrettes to hold the hair out of his eyes.  He chose the more logical option:  a proper clipping at the local salon.  Eyes.  I could see his eyes again!  Then we drove to the mall.  Sophia wanted to have her picture taken with the Easter bunny.  I was surprised, but very pleased, when Brandon consented to stand beside the bunny.  Got a superb snapshot of them on the first try.

Sophia gave her little bike to Brandon last summer so he could do tricks on it.  Unfortunately, that left her without a bike, so our next stop was to get a new one for her.  Sophia's still inches shorter than many classmates, so this 20" bike should be suitable for several seasons.

Last month Sophia began attending gymnastics classes twice a week.  What an amazing program!  Visitation was allowed Monday evening, and Sophia asked me to come watch. The session started with 45 minutes of "floor work".  Eleven girls, probably ages 4 through 8, did stretching and strengthening exercises followed by tumbling.  Sophia's mastered the cartwheel and impressed me with her tumbling.  The last 45 minutes the girls walked the balance beam and tried to do pirouettes, were helped to swing and dismount from the uneven parallel bars and finally, ran and jumped on the springboard for the vault.  I was amazed that there was no horsing around.  The instructors expect the girls' best efforts and are generous with praise and encouragement.  Some have talent; some don't.  But they all try. 

The weather has been beautiful the last few days.  In February we set records for snowfall.  Yesterday and today we set records for high temperatures - over 80F both days.  Daffodils are blooming!  After I walked this morning, I decided the day was perfect for cleaning out the garage.  (Why does the first half of such a job always go more quickly than the second half?)  I was done by noon -- vacuumed under everything that was movable, got the cobwebs off the ceiling and packaged up to give away toys the kids no longer pay with.  The next project will be to vacuum blinds and wash windows.  Then I'll wash and hang screens.  Maybe next weekend if it's not snowing.

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